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The Altorum Foundation provides funding for scientific research in the fields of medical innovation and clean energy, with the aim of supporting projects that enhance the quality of life for everyone by saving lives and making the world a better place. We provide the necessary capital and support to ensure that these projects reach their milestones and grow successfully, while also allowing scientists and researchers to work in an ideal environment that enables them to focus on their expertise without financial pressure. 

Our portfolio of projects includes rapid charging stations for electric vehicles, hydrogen cell fuel technology, and the recycling of electric vehicle batteries, among others. We also use data to understand outliers in cancer survival rates, which can help us develop new treatments. 

Our team is highly passionate about our mission because of the personal impact of cancer and life-threatening diseases on people’s lives. We recognize the need for a more sustainable relationship with energy and the earth’s ecosystem, and our values are deeply rooted in this belief, which sustains our momentum for creating impact. 

The potential of our companies is reflected in various metrics, which demonstrate the significant impact they can have in their respective fields.

Altorum Foundation funds life-changing research
and development.

We prepare our portfolio companies for acquisition at Altorum Ventures.

We facilitate Series A and beyond with Altorum Fund. 

As a visionary foundation, we aim to ensure that our donors experience the impact of their contributions. To achieve this, we have established a meticulous selection process that identifies the most outstanding teams and emerging projects in the fields of medical innovation and clean energy. 

At our foundation, we acknowledge the complexity involved in supporting the advancement of medical innovation and clean energy. That’s why we’ve assembled a diverse team of industry-leading medical research professionals, top PhD scientists and physicists, and highly skilled subject-matter experts. Our teams utilize data-driven strategies to drive progress forward and maximize the impact of the donations we receive. Our ultimate objective is to transform these donations into significant technological advancements that benefit society as a whole. 

Through our fund, we provide the necessary resources and support to bring groundbreaking ideas from the laboratory to the real world, whether it’s developing new cancer treatments or creating clean energy solutions. We then work to transform these projects into companies that can have a lasting impact. Our overarching goal is to empower the next generation of researchers to reach their full potential and create positive change within their respective fields. 

These projects are just some examples of the type of high-impact companies we like to fund for research and development:

One of the initiatives being incubated within our foundation is led by a top global authority in hydrogen cell technology. The primary focus of our research in this area is to advance the development of the next generation of fuel technology. Unlike electric vehicle batteries, which contribute to pollution, hydrogen cell technologies offer a more sustainable solution. It is imperative that our efforts towards green initiatives result in the creation of a truly better and more environmentally sustainable process for the long-term.

EV battery recycling is a main focus within our clean energy division. Our world is running out of lithium, cobalt, and other essential materials for EV batteries. These batteries end up in landfills, creating more pollution. By finding ways to recycle EV batteries and reuse lithium and cobalt, we can keep batteries out of landfill.

Targeted cancer therapies to heal 100% of all cancers is humanity’s north star. 93% of all cancer have targeted therapies, eliminating the need for chemotherapy and radiation, which kill patients good cells as well as well as the bad. These targeted therapies are designed to kill only cancer and leave good cells in tact resulting in a paradigm shift where cancer will become less devastating to patients. Healing any cancer could become as simple as taking a round of oral antibiotics to kill an infection.

Rapid charging stations will revolutionize the future of transportation and allow for more of the population to find viability in electric vehicles. Currently, most charging stations require an hour or more to charge the vehicle. The technology we are developing would shorten that time to 10-15 mins, allowing EV charging to be as convenient as stopping at a gas station. In addition, it would be easier for gas station to host more EV stations and transition into a business model that incorporates renewable energy as well as fossil fuels. 

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Please reach out to us with any questions you may have. We deeply value our community of donors and treat them like family.